My renovation has been a massive job (literally only the outside walls were left) and part of it was to dig down into the soil on the lower level of my house to give me more head room. I paid a total price for this to be done, so when Lidio’s guys discovered a seam of rock running under my house that drew the surrounding water and caused a small permanent stream to run under my house, it may have been easier to ignore it and not say anything.

As I had paid him one price it certainly wasn’t going to help him by telling me. But he did tell me and sent me pictures to show great pools of water on the surface of the excavated earth INSIDE my house. Lidio reassured me that he would resolve it and sent me pictures throughout this (and all other) processes. This was about 18 months ago and if the stream had still been a problem then there has been plenty of time (and rainfall!!) for it to soak up the walls and make itself all too apparent. God willing, the problem appears to have been resolved as promised.

I find Lidio to be honest and trustworthy as a person and as a builder.

Tanking an existing home during renovation
Avelar, Central Portugal.
I used the services of Dampfix to help me transform an old and rather neglected, traditionally built Alantejan farmhouse near Évora into something infinitely more up-to-date and comfortable.
This will confirm that I have been more than satisfied with the excellent and sensitively managed services provided by Lidio Rodrigues (DampFix) and their associates. Their professionalism and construction experience have succeeded in translating my aspirations for the property into reality – all done in a friendly, open and reasonably-priced, communicative manner. The work undertaken involved surveying of the property, intensive damp-treatment, electrical rewiring, plumbing, flooring.
Working with them is a pleasure. I would certainly recommend them without hesitation to others seeking similar services.
Installation of Damp Proof Membrane
Évora, Alentejo.
We are back in Portugal after a 10 week absence.

When we arrived – we noticed straight away that although there was a slight smell it was very much less then before we had the solar installed. I also found that our clothes were all good – apart from one or two item – normally we have to wash all our clothes to get the smell out – but this was not necessary. I also didn’t have to wash our cups and glasses before use because usually there is bad smell – this time they were all okay.

It is 2 February and there has been a lot of rain over the last few weeks although temperature has been milder this season. My cleaner prepared the house for our arrival and she told me that noticed a difference – she tells me her other customers will be interested. We are pleased we installed this system.

Installation of solar ventilation solution
Obidos, Silver Coast.
I am particularly pleased with how the basement area has turned out. I am really looking forward to my first period of residence in July.
I am also anticipating working with you equally successfully on the small house.
Tanking an existing home during renovation
Espinhal, Central Portugal.
Having approached several builders in the area, I decided to put my faith in Lidio and his company.
As the building had partial dirt floors and was riddled with damp in the lower walls, Lidio advised me on the right course of action for lasting results.

Lidio Rodrigues doesn’t cut corners. In my experience, he is an extremely honest, experienced and knowledgeable professional. We are delighted with the work that Lidio and his crew have done for us damp-proofing our entire house. No challenge appears to be beyond his capabilities which is why we have decided to use him during the renovation of our second house next year.

Tanking an existing home during renovation
Avelar, Central Portugal.
Am very happy to recommend Damfix. The panels are working well. Of course they work even better when the sun shines. We’ve had a bit of bad weather last couple of weeks so the panels haven’t been as effective. But on half cast to full sunny days they are superb (which what portugal usually offers). Put it this way, the damp has left the building, so they do what they say on the tin.
Lidio and his team were great to deal with.
I haven’t regretted the installation at all. In fact, I wish I had done it years ago.
Installation of solar ventilation solution
On to the subject of our twin solar and S was saying what a huge difference it had made . When we arrive now our clothes and beds don’t feel damp anymore.
Installation of solar ventilation solution
Ansiao, Central Portugal.
We are so pleased with the work you have done. The workers were well organized and reliable and the work was completed on schedule and budget. The finish is to a very high standard. An excellent job well done.
Thank you so much.
Installation of a Damp proof membrane