Penetrating Damp can be the most obvious form of damp to identify. It could come through a flat roof, external staircase or adjoinging wall. Whatever the cause Dampfix have the solutions.


The only way to cure penetrating damp is to find the source of the water and stop it. For example, it may be that your flat roof has a leak and the water is travelling under the tiles to a point where it enters the home. In this case we install a damp proof membrane either on top of the existing roof, or underneath the tiled surface.

Leaks though a crack in the external walls are eaisily plugged to make a permanent repair. Water from damaged guttering, flashings or outside stairs can also be resolved by the use of the latest all weather sealers.







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My renovation has been a massive job (literally only the outside walls were left) and part of it was to dig down into the soil on the lower level of my house to give me more head room. I paid a total price for this to be done, so when Lidio’s guys discovered a seam of rock running under my house that drew the surrounding water and caused a small permanent stream to run under my house, it may have been easier to ignore it and not say anything.
As I had paid him one price it certainly wasn’t going to help him by telling me. But he did tell me and sent me pictures to show great pools of water on the surface of the excavated earth INSIDE my house. Lidio reassured me that he would resolve it and sent me pictures throughout this (and all other) processes. This was about 18 months ago and if the stream had still been a problem then there has been plenty of time (and rainfall!!) for it to soak up the walls and make itself all too apparent. God willing, the problem appears to have been resolved as promised.

I find Lidio to be honest and trustworthy as a person and as a builder.

Tanking an existing home during renovation
Avelar, Central Portugal.